Have you ever faced the question, why do you need a cover for your smartphone? Why not use it bare open? The answer is that you are spending hundreds of dollars to buy a new smartphone and spending a few more bucks will not put extra pressure on your pocket, especially regarding your device's safety and security.

Investing a few dollars in the cover is better than spending much more on repairing it. 

Benefits of Smartphone Covers

Covers and cases are the most selling smartphone accessory around the world. Smartphone covers are generally used for safety and to make them attractive. Here are some most common benefits of mobile covers that make them highly essential.

Better Protection

We all love our smartphones, but sometimes we do dumb things that can lead to minor or major damage to them. Lot of people do not use covers for their smartphones, but you never know what happens next.

For you, it is critical to protect your smartphone from the risks of falls, slips, scratches, and spills. Without any protection layer, your smartphone is open to various risks.

Always, precaution is better than cure. So, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your device from all possible risks.

Using a cover or case, you can efficiently prevent severe damage to the smartphone. In conditions like falls and slips, your phone cover will protect the smartphone against intense blows or impact. It can also prevent nicks and scratches on your beloved device. So, You must look for the best covers to attain better protection for your smartphone.

Higher Resale Value

Smartphone brands are continuously working on new features and technologies. It is better to upgrade to a new device to leverage more and more advanced features. 

Reselling an old device can help you invest in a new one. You will only get better returns on the old smartphone if it is in good condition. With a scratched or nicked device, you will not get decent returns.

From a future perspective, keeping your device protected with a cover or case will help you get better returns. It will also be a blessing for the person buying your old smartphone. You can gift a designer cover to the buyer as a complementary benefit.

Feel Better

Generally, people argue that their smartphones do not look or feel good with covers. However, mobile covers are designed for your comfort and style. Using attractive and protective cases for your devices is always a wise choice.

Smartphone covers not only protect your smartphones but also enhance their beauty. Buying mobile covers from FunkUp will get you more protection with enhanced beauty for your smartphone. You can also get customized cases for your smartphone that suits your personality.


Nowadays, smartphones are getting more and more expensive. They also come with delicate and smooth designs. Smartphones with glass finish or multiple camera lances need additional protection from external threats. Investing in protective cases can bring some more protection to your device.

As a smartphone accessory, covers and cases are available at affordable pricing. With a budget range of covers, you can keep your smartphone safe and make it eye-catching.

Improve Functionality

No longer, smartphone cases are only used for device protection. Different ranges of cases and covers available in the market come with various features and designs.

For example, features like a Pop-holder and 360-degree hinge can offer higher functionality to you while using a smartphone. It can provide a powerful grip while watching movies or videos in landscape mode. There is no risk of slip and fall while traveling or walking with a Pop Holder cover.