Not only in clothing, but you can also now twin with your partner using your smartphone covers. From telling your feelings to your partner, you can also publicly share your relationship status in public with FunkUp premium quality polycarbonate cases.

Best Twining Smartphone Covers for Couples

You can consider the following smartphone cover ideas to achieve your relationship goals.

Together Forever Couple Cases

Together forever means that the things that are happening, you want them to continue for the rest of your life. Love or connection is forever and never extinct; it remains with you and after you till eternity.

But you can’t always stay close to your partner. So, you have to keep reminding them that you are connected forever. Using couple smartphone cases, you can express your together-forever feeling for them.

Heart Shot Couple Cases

The zing feeling you felt for someone will never be fed-up. It will keep giving you goosebumps and make you feel amazing. Zing only happens once in a lifetime, creating the strongest bond between two people.

Heart Shot Couple cases are the best way to tell how her cuteness and love make you fall for her again and again. You can share these smartphone covers with your partner to tell them they are your soulmate.  

Sleepy Heads Couple Cases

Sleepy Heads Covers are especially for couples who love sleeping as much as they love each other. It is the perfect match if you and your partner are sleepy heads. No other match can meet this kind of craziness.

Your love for each other increases when you have the same craziness as your partner. To express this level of similarity that you have in your relationship, these cases are the best fit for you.

Cupid Arrow Couple Cases

If you are a lover, you must also be a fighter. It shows how much enthusiasm you hold for the love of your life. Cupid Arrow Covers are for couples who are each others’ cupids and psyche.

Actions they do, work for you as cupid’s arrows and make your love more intense for their cuteness. Sharing this cover with your partner will perfectly resemble the love of cupid for psyche.

Tangled Together Couple Cases

You face floods of feelings like Infatuation, happiness, and excitement when tangled with someone. Your joy lies beyond everything as you have found the perfect match for the rest of your life.

Everything you do somehow connects you to your partner. These cases will always keep reminding you how much strong your bond is.

Kissing Couple Cases

Kissing is the way to express your love and affection. It holds all the feelings and affection you have for the special one. One should not be shy to express emotions. At some level, the roots of kisses are somehow related to attachment. To express this affection and love, you can share Kissing Couple Cases with your beloved partner.

Why Purchase from FunkUp?

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