With the number of superhero movies and TV series, marvel holds an enormous superhero fanbase worldwide. Diehard Marvel fans love to collect superhero collectibles that include keychains, stickers, superhero toys, Lego toys, and many others. 

Apart from all these collectibles, the Marvel theme is also available on mobile phone covers. You can buy a smartphone cover featuring your superhero idol. Now you can always be with your favorite superhero with FunkUp Superhero Phone Case Collection.  

Top Smartphone cases for Marvel Fans 

With marvel-themed cases, your smartphone will always be protected with a superhero back on it. Here are some best Marvel theme cases you can consider for your mobile phone and be part of the Marvel community. 


A lot of people from the marvel fanbase love spiderman for his good deeds. People who are not even Marvel Fans and they know who spiderman is! If you are a diehard spiderman fan, you must have a spidy phone cover in your collection. 

Spidy sense will protect your smartphone from all the risks. Holding your smartphone with a catchy and attractive spider-web print will be attractive. You can also go for the Spiderman Pop Holder case to get extra protection for the smartphone. You can showcase your superhero interest by flaunting spider-web back on the smartphone cover. 

Captain America 

Captain America is the first Avenger ever, known as the patriot figure ready to give all his efforts for his country. Before everything, Captain America is a true soldier.  

With him on the back of your smartphone, you can show how much you respect a soldier and a patriot. As a symbol of freedom and heroism, you can purchase a cover back by the best leader of the Avenger team.             


Ironman is a strong, determined, and willful superhero; people know about him. Everyone knows that we love Ironman 3000x. He is a person who works only on his will. Ironman reflects that if there is a will, nothing can stop you. He is a person who holds vision and knowledge, along with moody nature. 

Ironman’s fans know he is a true brand and one of the most important Avengers. Holding him on the back of your smartphone will boost you up and fill you with courage and strong will. Find the best Ironman Cover collection at FunkUp for your mobile. 


Hulk, known as the green rage machine with some anger issues. With the power of gamma radiation, the green monster is ready to save you from alien invasion. It is the perfect smartphone cover if you know how to be soft as Dr. Bruce Banner and when to turn into a good green monster. 

Getting a customized or standard hulk protective cover will protect the body of your smartphone from all damage. Carrying a hulk cover reflects how you admire people's intelligence, strength, empathy, bravery, and unusual soft nature. Hulk smartphone cover will also make your phone attractive and unique. 

Why FunkUp? 

Getting an affordable smartphone cover with a perfect quality blend is difficult these days. At FunkUp, we hold a vast range of smartphone covers with customizable and unique themes. You can visit our best collection to find value-for-money smartphone covers.