At some point, manufacturing sectors connected to the smartphone industry are growing continuously in the current market. Especially mobile phone accessories industry is at its peak. As new smartphones arrive on the market, it pushes these industries to come up with new ideas and gadgets to increase users' productivity.

Among all accessories, smartphone covers are highly in demand. People love to have multiple smartphone covers and switch them according to their mood. Different material choices are available in the market to offer a better experience to smartphone users with the best quality smartphone covers.

Top 5 Materials for Smart Phone Cover

People have different preferences when it comes to buying mobile back covers. The primary purpose of using a smartphone cover is to keep smartphone safe from all external risks. Risks like slips falls, scratches, and accidental impacts are severe for all your devices.

Here you can look at top smartphone cover materials trending in the market.


Silicon is the most common type of material for smartphone covers. Due to high quality, durability and comfort, silicon covers are in high demand. Cases made of silicon material are easy to clean and amiable to touch.


Genuine and PU leather cases are often considered in the premium smartphone cover category. Leather cases are generally more expensive than PU smartphone cases.

Due to elasticity and durability, PU and leather covers are the most efficient for device protection. They also offer a premium look to your smartphone.

Some manufacturers also provide customization features with leather and PU covers. Using the customization features, you can work on the look of your smartphone.

Polycarbonate or TPU

Plastic covers are generally made of thermoplastic polycarbonate or polyurethane. Polycarbonate covers are thin and easy to fit compared to all other mobile cases or covers.

Features like lightweight, sleek build, and scratchproof surface make it highly efficient for all smartphone categories. Polycarbonate mobile covers lead the smartphone-cover industry with benefits like customization, safety, and comfort.


Metal covers are not so popular because of their bulky and heavy nature. Metal phone cases are the most reliable of all the available smartphone cover materials.

But everything comes at a price; Besides all the benefits, metal smartphone cases are expensive and not readily available. You can also face heat-related issues with metal smartphone covers. Due to all these limitations, people rarely buy them over other options.


Fabric covers or pouches are the most economical range of smartphone covers. But, there is no such thing as protection in these covers. The fabric might protect your smartphone from scratches but is not shockproof. Generally, these covers are not recommended for expensive smartphones.

Why Polycarbonate Covers are the Best

As an affordable solution, plastic or polyurethane covers are intensely trending. With reasonable pricing, polyurethane or polycarbonate phone covers are also-

  • Shockproof
  • Elastic
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Customizable
  • Affordable

In TPU or polyurethane material category, there is a range of case types like couple cases, floral cases, superhero cases, traditional cases, name cases, and cute cases available at FunkUp. You can also look for party collection covers specially designed for fun lovers.